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Meet Our Elders

Our local church body is led by a group of men known as elders. Our elders serve and lead because they are recognized by the church as those whom God has gifted, equipped, and empowered for the service of leading our congregation.

Their responsibility is to see that the church holds fast to the truth of the Scriptures, that the teaching of the ministry is sound, that the members are appropriately cared for, and that the church is growing in a biblical way. They are each connected to some part of the body through their personal shepherding of individuals within the church family.

Qualifications of an Elder

Specific Scripture references in 1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4 form the basis for the following list of characteristics desired in an Elder:

  • Family—He must manage his own household well. If married, he must be faithful and dedicated to his wife. If he has children, he must be dedicated to seeing that they become obedient and respectful Christians.
  • Character—He cannot be open to legitimate criticism of character and must have a good reputation with those outside the church. He must be a balanced person who is not given to extremes; one who is self-controlled, not quick-tempered, and not ensnared by addictive behavior. He must be one who is respected, friendly, and hospitable; a gentle person who is not quarrelsome. He must be a truly godly man who loves what is good. He must be free from greed and the love of money, completely honest and upright in financial dealings.
  • Leadership—He must lead in a humble manner, never being arrogant or overbearing. He must be an example to those he has been entrusted to lead, putting their interests ahead of his own. He cannot be a recent convert but must be a mature Christian. He must be able to teach and defend the faith, instruct in sound doctrine, and stand against those who oppose it.

Simply stated, elders are men who talk to God about people and talk to people about God. Elders at Fellowship Greenville serve as long as they are biblically qualified, desire to be an elder, and are shepherding people. For more information, contact our Elders.


Stan Barrett

Charlie Boyd Directional Leader & Teaching Pastor

Mark Call

Chris Corley

Ken Kruithof

Justin Moll

Craig O'Neal

Art Ringger

Rob Marks Executive Pastor