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The Bible is the best seller of all time. No other literature comes close. However, we do not pursue a better grasp of Scripture because of this; we do so because of what it claims for itself: it claims to be from God.

Personal Bible study is integral to the life of a Christ-follower, as it gives us the opportunity to be in conversation with the very Author of life. The very beginning of Jesus' ministry shows him fighting temptation by citing the Scriptures from memory. Even when he hung on the cross, Jesus used Scripture to express the pain he felt. So, if Jesus values God's Word in order to make sense of his own experience, how much more should we?

To help us grow in our understanding of God through the Scriptures, we offer various Bible study options on campus and in homes throughout the Upstate. Before a study launches, there is a registration period. Due to space and/or study requirements, some studies close to new registrations. Others are such that you can come and go as your schedule dictates, without feeling like you are lost. 

The list here shows upcoming studies currently open for registration. If you don't see the study you're looking for, or want to inquire about a particular study, use this link to contact one of our ministries.

Women's Summer Bible Study

Upcoming Bible Studies