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Hello from the FGS Middle School Team!

Parents, we believe the middle school years are crucial in the life of every child, and we want to do our best to partner with you through this season. One way we do that is by keeping you in the loop about all that is happening in our middle school ministry. In this newsletter, you will find a look at recent events, an update on what is currently happening on Sunday mornings, and some things to know in the coming weeks.


Summer is finally here! Most of our students are out of school for a few months and for many this means lots of time at the pool, a good summer vacation, and plenty of time sleeping. We hope you make the most of this extra time with your family. 

FGS Middle has kicked off the summer well with two mid-week events. Our Park Day was a lot of fun, even if there was a bit of rain. Capture the flag and ultimate ball were both very competitive and this was a great chance for students to connect and have fun together. For our first Outreach X-Day, 13 of our students served a retired missionary couple who were in Japan for over 30 years. They shared stories, language, and food with our students. During the afternoon, this group got a chance to learn about and serve the Miracle Hill Rescue Mission and the Piedmont Women's Center. Our desire is to give students an opportunity to grow their hearts and minds to serve, and days like this make that desire a reality.


Summer interns are settled in and leading the way in our summer series'. During the month of June, they are teaching through the book of Daniel in a series titled Hear Me Roar. Daniel and his friends stood up boldly for God over and over again, even when their life was on the line. For our middle school students, we are looking at how God has called us to stand up boldly as exiles in our own time. While none of us will likely end up in a lion's den, we all have opportunities to stand up in the face of opposition in one form or another.


Middle School Services are CANCELED for Sunday, July 7th. Otherwise, first and second services are still taking place each week throughout the summer. 

Night of Worship: Join us Friday, June 14, for a relaxed and meaningful evening of worship. Bring your families to picnic and grab some snowcones from The Snow Castle truck on the church grounds before the event. This evening is for all of Fellowship Greenville and not just a student specific event. 

Outreach X-Day 2: Another opportunity to foster growing hearts and minds of service in our students. This is a full day of serving for middle school students on June 24th. Unfortunately, this event is already full, but if you would like to add your student's name to the waiting list, send an email to Dallas at

Discovery Island: Our annual free night at Discovery Island Water Park is back! This is a night for the whole family so bring some sunscreen and enjoy the night with other middle school families from our church. For more information check here.

EPIC Retreat: Our annual Middle and High school retreat is coming up in just a few months and registration is open now! Make sure you sign up before July 10th to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount. Information and registration can be found here.


The Culture Translator

This is a weekly email from a group who focuses on helping parents navigate the changing culture and news that keeps coming at us at a rapid pace. Each Friday they send an email that takes 5 minutes to read but keys you in on three major culture/news happenings. A lot of us on staff have subscribed and have found it very insightful.

We hope this helps you stay in the cultural loop and gives you strategic ways to keep speaking into the life of your children! Thanks for being the awesome parents that you are!

If you ever have any questions about our ministry or about navigating life with a middle schooler, feel free to reach out to Dallas at

The FGS Middle School Team