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Hello from the FGS Middle School Team!

Parents, we believe the middle school years are crucial in the life of every child, and we want to do our best to partner with you through this season. One way we do that is by keeping you in the loop about all that is happening in our middle school ministry. In this newsletter, you will find a look at recent events, an update on what is currently happening on Sunday mornings, and some things to know in the coming weeks.


Worship Night with FGS: At the beginning of March, any Middle School students who were planning to go on the Middle School Believe Conference were invited to join the FGS Staff for the evening to eat dinner together, spend time in prayer, and attend the FG Worship night as a group. Even though the Conference was canceled, we loved getting to make the best of the weekend and still hang out as a group!


Online services: For right now, all Fellowship Greenville Sunday services have been moved online. All FGS Sunday services will be posted on the FG Students YouTube channel. Middle school services will premiere LIVE each Sunday at 10:30am (right before FG's weekly service at 11) and are about 25 minutes long. These videos will include musical worship, a message from Dallas, and many other fun, encouraging, and spiritually-challenging segments! Please encourage your students to watch in the morning and join the live chat (available when they are watching at 10:30am when the video goes live) to talk about what's happening in the service!

Instagram: The FGS Team also uses Instagram (@fgstudentministry) as a way to connect with students. In addition to regular posts and stories, the FGS Staff will do an Instagram Live video over lunch on most weekdays. During Instagram Live videos, students can watch and engage with FGS Staff by chatting during the video! This has been a great touch-point with students each day as the FGS Staff answer student questions and ask students questions too! If your student does not have their own instagram account, your family may consider making a family instagram account so your student can engage with FGS on instagram!

Talking with Dallas and Brentley: The FGS Staff would love to continue to connect with our students in this time where they might feel more anxiety, less social interaction, and more loneliness than they’re used to. Even though we can’t meet up in person right now, we would love to “meet up” over FaceTime with your students if they’d like to talk with us. If this is something your student would be interested in, please email Dallas ( or Brentley ( to set up a time to talk!

Important Note: The FGS Staff believes that all students need community and belonging. Given our current circumstances with students engaging in less face-to-face interaction and feeling more isolated, we believe our students need community and belonging more than ever. We’d love for students to engage during our Sunday YouTube videos and on Instagram, but we know that this alone is not enough to foster real community. Please encourage your student to reach out to their small group and their small group leaders during this time. Many of our groups have utilized video chats like group FaceTime, Zoom, or Marco Polo to stay connected!


All events in the near future have been postponed including our Combined United Night & Spring Break events (FGS Park Day and the Middle School Outreach Days).

March Crackness: With sports being canceled and our students and families in need of something fun to get involved in, we have created our own "March Madness" tournament where we have decorated hard boiled eggs to compete in a basketball style bracket! The due date for brackets has already passed, but you and your family can still enjoy the tournament! Each week, we will release new videos of the tournament with lots of fun for the whole family! Tune in on our FG Students YouTube channel this week to watch all the fun videos!

Live at Lunch: Join the FGS Staff on Instagram Live during lunch on most weekdays! During IG Live, students can watch and engage with the FGS Staff by chatting during the video, asking the FGS Staff questions, and even answering some fun questions in the chat.

Small Groups: As many of you know, small groups kicked off on September 15. If you have yet to register your student for a small group or have questions about small groups, please reach out to Rachel Bailer, our Small Groups Coordinator, at


The Culture Translator

This is a weekly email from a group who focuses on helping parents navigate the changing culture and news that keeps coming at us at a rapid pace. Each Friday they send an email that takes five minutes to read but keys you in on three major culture/news happenings. A lot of us on staff have subscribed and have found it very insightful.

We hope this helps you stay in the cultural loop and gives you strategic ways to keep speaking into the life of your children! Thanks for being the awesome parents that you are!

FGS YouTube Channel

Here you can find videos from FG Students including FGS vision, training for small group leaders, volunteer highlight videos, and insights on adolescent culture. Two new videos will be added each month.

If you ever have any questions about our ministry or about navigating life with a middle schooler, feel free to reach out to Dallas at

The FGS Middle School Team