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Hello from the FGS Middle School Team!

Parents, we believe the middle school years are crucial in the life of every child, and we want to do our best to partner with you through this season. One way we do that is by keeping you in the loop about all that is happening in our middle school ministry. In this newsletter, you will find a look at recent events, an update on what is currently happening on Sunday mornings, and some things to know in the coming weeks.


A group of 35 students and 10 adult leaders attended the Believe Conference for the first time in March. This is a conference specifically for middle schoolers put on by Christ in Youth. Catered to their attention span, the conference was an incredible time to laugh, learn, play, pray, and worship together. A very special moment came when leaders were able to affirm each student with reminders of who they are in Christ. Middle Schoolers need to be affirmed in their identity more than any other time in their lives and this trip was a great opportunity for that.

Many of our students spent time together outside of Sunday mornings. Groups went to Winter Jam together, competed in laser tag, and a few groups have even chosen to serve others like Christ. Included is a picture of a few of our 8th-grade boys serving food to those in need.


With Easter upon us, we are in a series all about the Easter story. The reality of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection changed to course of history and has transformed millions of lives, yet many of us have heard the Easter story so many times that it becomes like white noise to us. In this series, we are talking about how Jesus' sacrifice effects us in our daily lives and how it ought to compel us to share the Gospel with those who don't yet believe.


There will be no Middle School programming on Easter Sunday, April 21. We are encouraging all of our families to attend service together and serve in FG Kids where they are expected a large number of kids on Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested in serving for Easter, please sign up HERE.

FGS Park Day: Middle and High School students are invited to join the FGS staff at Pittman Park to play some Ultimate Frisbee from 10:30 am-12: 30 pm on April 16th. Bring a lunch and water. More event details here.  

FGS Students Lunch: Middle and High School students are invited to join the FGS staff for lunch on April 17th at 12 pm-1: 30 pm at Maple Street Biscuit Company. First, 10 students to arrive will win a free lunch! More event details here

United Night of Worship- All Middle and High School students are invited to join us Sunday evening, April 28 for our FGS United Night of Worship. From 5pm-8pm we will have dinner, have a great time with some games, and experience corporate worship with students from all over Greenville! This is a great chance to hang with friends and meet new kids from other churches. Most of all, we’ll be reminded the hope we have in Jesus—that we can belong, that we can believe, and that we can become more like him each day. Register today —the only cost is whatever you buy at the food trucks, which are cash only. 


The Culture Translator

This is a weekly email from a group who focuses on helping parents navigate the changing culture and news that keeps coming at us at a rapid pace. Each Friday they send an email that takes 5 minutes to read but keys you in on three major culture/news happenings. A lot of us on staff have subscribed and have found it very insightful.

We hope this helps you stay in the cultural loop and gives you strategic ways to keep speaking into the life of your children! Thanks for being the awesome parents that you are!

If you ever have any questions about our ministry or about navigating life with a middle schooler, feel free to reach out to Dallas at

The FGS Middle School Team