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Hello Parents! In this month’s newsletter, you will find the preschool and elementary series descriptions for this month, information regarding FG Kids programming, and a link to our newly added Articles page on the Fellowship Greenville website.

Please know we see you, we are praying for you, and we know you are doing an amazing job navigating all the many things that are different in this season. Our prayer is that your faith continues to grow as you lean on God and trust Him more everyday!


Series Description: Trusting that God has a plan for us is what helps us have peace, purpose, courage, and patience when things don’t go like we think they should. It helps us persevere and follow God even when things around us are hard.

Monthly Memory Verse: “For I know the plan I have for you says the Lord.” Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

Monthly Bottom Line: Ask your child: WHO HAS A PLAN FOR YOU? Say with your child: GOD HAS A PLAN FOR ME. 

Find the weekly videos and parent guides on our Preschool Resources Page


Series Description: Jesus showed us the greatest example of love when He laid down His life for everyone. With His words and actions, He showed friendship to everyone He met. We can reflect Jesus’ love best when we treat one another with friendship.

Monthly memory verse: “A friend loves at all times. They are there to help when trouble comes.” Proverbs 17:17, NIrV

Key passages and questions for this month: Read the passages together as a family and ask the following questions.

1. What makes someone a good friend? — Ecclesiastes 4-9-12

We kick off this series in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 where Solomon wrote, “Two people are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do.” Solomon goes on to remind us that like a three-strand cord, we are stronger when we work together as friends.

Bottom Line: Choose your friends carefully. God designed us to be in relationships. As kids become more aware how their friends influence them, it’s important for them to know how to choose good friends. We pray that kids will choose friends who encourage them and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

2. How can you show your friends they’re important? — 1 Samuel 20

Next, we return to 1 Samuel 20 for one of the most famous friendships in the entire Bible: David and Jonathan. These guys went through a lot together. From making a promise to help each other to escaping the dangers of Jonathan’s own father, King Saul, they showed us exactly what it meant for friends to love each other.

Bottom Line: Friends love one another. Just like David and Jonathan, friends can show how they love each other by the way they care for one another and go above and beyond to help each other succeed. It’s this sort of love we experience through Jesus. We pray that kids will follow Him and learn how they can help their friends know how much they’re loved.

3. When has someone encouraged you? — 1 Kings 19:14-21; 2 Kings 2:1-15

In week three, we head to 1 Kings 19:14-21 and 2 Kings 2:1-15 and take a look at a different sort of friendship between Elijah and Elisha. God knew Elijah needed help and directed him to Elisha. Elisha came alongside Elijah and stayed with him to the very end. Elisha knew the importance of encouragement.

Bottom Line: Friends encourage one another. Our kids are growing up in a world that can feel like everyone is out for themselves. God has a different way for us to live. God wants us to take time out to encourage others. Kids will find out how they can be friends who use their words and actions to build others up.

4. How do you react when a friend hurts you? — John 21:1-19

We finish up the month in John 21:1-19 with an incredible moment between Jesus and Peter. After denying Jesus three times, Peter was feeling guilty and ashamed. But Jesus still had plans for Peter. Jesus forgave Peter and restored the broken friendship. And when we put our faith in Jesus, Jesus offers that same forgiveness to us. In turn, we can offer forgiveness to others.

Bottom Line: Friends forgive one another. As kids learn about God’s incredible forgiveness through Jesus, we pray they start to understand more about how they can forgive their own friends. It’s not just accepting an apology and saying it’s alright. We pray that kids will understand how they can forgive others and work to rebuild the friendships that are worth saving.

Find the weekly videos and parent guides on our Elementary Resources Page


It has been such a blessing to see you and your kids here on campus on Sunday mornings. Please note that we are continuing to limit space in our classrooms, which means there may be a possibility that when you arrive on a Sunday morning, there may not be space available. If this happens, we’ll have worship notes (with crayons) available for your child to attend worship services with you.

 Here are two ways you and your kids can help us out on Sundays:

1. Double-check your child's profile is up to date by logging in to your profile on our website (

2. Ensure your child's tag has the correct age/grade imprinted on it so that we can keep accurate records on Sunday, and so that your child is in the right area.

 If you get lost or have any questions as to which area your child needs to be in, a volunteer will gladly direct you to the correct space.

Thanks for your help, and we look forward to seeing you on Sundays!

You can find more information regarding our on-campus plan here.


School is now in session! 

 For some parents that thought might bring excitement but for others it might cause anxiety. During the last month, you had to make a tough decision- would you choose virtual, in-person, or homeschool? Now that school has started, you may be wondering if you made the right choice. Maybe this blog post will help. 

Did I make the right school choice?

If you have any questions about our ministry or doing life with a preschool and elementary child please let us know by reaching out to The FG Kids Team