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Hello Parents! In this month’s newsletter, you will find the preschool and elementary series descriptions for this month, information on our Covid procedures, and a link to register for Stepping In: Pre-Baptism class.


January Series Description: How many times have you heard someone say, “That’s amazing!” We’ve said it so much we’ve lost sight of what amazing looks like. Healing a lame man is amazing. Calming a storm is amazing. Causing countless fish to fill a fisherman’s empty net is amazing. Jesus is amazing!

Monthly Memory Verse: “Everyone who heard Him was amazed.” Luke 2:47 NIV

Monthly Bottom Line: Ask your child: WHO IS AMAZING? Say with your child: JESUS IS AMAZING!

Weekly Story Focus: This month is going to be Out of This World! We are going to use this fun and exciting theme to help teach preschoolers about the most amazing thing ever, which turns out isn’t a thing at all. No! He’s a person! You know who I’m talking about – Jesus! We are teaching preschoolers that Jesus is amazing! And, we’re doing it by sharing stories about some of Jesus’ amazing miracles.

Jesus displayed an amazing understanding of God when He was at the temple as just a young boy. The people who heard Him were amazed! Jesus calmed a storm with just a word. Amazing! Jesus filled fishermen’s nets with fish. Amazing! Jesus healed a blind man with mud and spit. Amazing!

This world, well this universe, is filled with amazing things, but nothing will ever be more amazing than the One who created it all. Jesus is amazing, and we want your preschooler to know it!

Week 1: Jesus Teaches at the Temple — Luke 2:41-50
Week 2: The Four Friends — Mark 2:1-12
Week 3: Calming the Storm — Matthew 8:23-27
Week 4: Catching Fish — Luke 5:1-10
Week 5: Healing the Blind Man — John 9:1-12  

Find the weekly videos and parent guides on our Preschool Resources Page.


January Series Description: The psalmist wrote, The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, (NIrV). God is the author of creation, and God has entrusted us to care for and cultivate it. We

do that by taking responsibility. From the work we need to accomplish to people we meet to the words we use; life is filled with moments where we can decide to reflect God’s character, take responsibility, and use what we have wisely. When we follow through and do what needs

to be done, we can point others to Jesus, the One who took the ultimate responsibility for us and made it possible for us to be with God forever.

Monthly memory verse: “Suppose you can be trusted with something very little. Then you can also be trusted with something very large.” Luke 16:10a, NIrV

Key passages and questions for this month: Read the passages together as a family and ask the following questions.

1. What are things you’re expected to do? — Matthew 22:36-47

We kick off the New Year in Matthew 22:36-40. The religious leaders were always trying to trap Jesus with His own words. This moment was no different. They asked Jesus, out of hundreds of laws they were to follow, which were the most important. Jesus simplified everything, and made love the top priority. The most important responsibility is to love God, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. 

Bottom Line: Love God. Love others. These are four simple words, but they are not always simple to put into practice. We hope that, as kids discover more about responsibility, they start to understand the ways they can love God and love the people God has put in their lives.

2. What do you have that you can share? — Luke 12:16-21

In week two, we head to Luke 12:13-21 where we find a parable Jesus told about a rich man who was focused on the wrong thing. As a successful farmer, his land produced a large amount of crops. He decided to build bigger and bigger barns to collect it all. He might have had a lot for himself, but he failed to think about how he could have helped the people around him.

Bottom Line: Share what you have. Sometimes we are on the receiving end of someone’s generosity, but other times we get to show responsibility by sharing and being generous to others. When we realize that God has given us everything we have, we’re more likely to share with others. We pray that as kids learn more about the parable of the rich man, they’ll discover ways they can be responsible with how they share what they have. 

3. When have you had to work hard? — Proverbs 6:6-8

For week three, we take a closer look at Proverbs 6:6-8. Think about the ant! Consider its ways and be wise! (NIrV). God created ants to take responsibility and work hard storing up for the winter months. We can look to them as an example, as we take responsibility and work hard.

Bottom Line: Work hard. God has created us to work, yet often we try to do whatever we can to avoid it. We pray that this simple bottom line will be a reminder for kids to take responsibility when they have a job to do. God can give them the strength they need to follow through and get the job done. 

4. How can you use what you’ve been given? — Matthew 20:1-15

Next, we discover another one of Jesus’ parables found in Matthew 25:14-30. A businessman went on a journey and left three of his workers in charge of some of his money. Two of the workers turned a profit while the third buried his portion, did nothing with it, wasted his opportunity for growth, and ended up having it taken away.

Bottom Line: Make the most of what you’ve been given. God has given each of us responsibility over something—money, talents, even our stuff. Kids will discover some of the ways they can remember that everything we have comes from God. We pray kids discover how they can use those things wisely. 

5. Why do your words matter? — Ephesians 4:29

We finish the month with something Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:29. Paul writes, Don’t let any evil talk come out of your mouths. Say only what will help to build others up and meet their needs, (NIrV). Our words have power to help or hurt others. When it comes to our rules for life, what we say and how we speak matters.

Bottom Line: Use your words wisely. Words are important, but even as adults we tend to use them without thinking. We hope that as kids hear more about what Paul wrote in Ephesians, they’ll understand that how they use their words can show God’s love to others. 

Find the weekly videos and parent guides on our Elementary Resources Page.


NEXT GEN STEPPING-IN CLASS: Sunday 01/24/21 @11:00 AM in Room 232 (a virtual class is available as well)

We believe that the act of baptism is significant in the life of a Believer. Baptism is a wonderful way to share and celebrate your commitment to follow Jesus. This is why we have designed a special Next Gen Baptism Celebration for our kids and students. The first step in our Next Gen Baptism process is for kids and their parents to attend a Stepping-In class.

Stepping-In is a fun and interactive 60-minute class that will help your child understand what baptism is, discover exactly what the Bible says about it, and build their confidence in sharing their faith with others. Kids and students will need to attend this class before participating in Next Gen Baptism.

Register here for the on campus class or virtual class.

Covid Procedures and Reminder

2021 is upon us, and we are grateful for another year to pursue life and mission with Jesus. We ask that you continue to be in prayer for those who are experiencing all types of illnesses, including those that have tested positive for COVID-19. The current reality for healthcare workers continues to be challenging, while hospitals are overflowing and are often having to set up areas where they can serve those who are sick outside of their own facilities.

We're still happy to serve your family by providing areas for your children to worship. Our goal is to make your child's experience as comfortable and engaging as possible while also keeping them safe and healthy! Here's a link to the on-campus plan for serving your kids

As we move forward with on-site services, we ask that you continue to exercise caution and understand that respectful distancing is still strongly encouraged. Let's also do our best not to assume everyone is comfortable with shaking hands or hugs or that everyone shares the same mindset on the virus.


Auditorium 1: Mask optional venue for both 9 and 11 am.
Auditorium 2: Mask required venue for 9 am and mask optional for 11 am. 

We're incredibly thankful we've been able to continue meeting and provide areas of worship for you and your families, and we pray God's best for you in the new year!

If you have any questions about our ministry or doing life with a preschool and elementary child please let us know by reaching out to our team.

The FG Kids Team