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Hello from the FGS High school team!

Parents, we believe the high school years are crucial in the life of every child, and we want to do our best to partner with you through this season. One way we do that is by keeping you in the loop about all that is happening in our high school ministry. In this newsletter, you will find an update on what is currently happening on Sunday nights, and some things to know in the coming weeks.


United Night:  In February, our middle school and high school students came together to worship and study together as a united group of FG Students for a pajama night! Students had a great time eating chicken and waffles, playing games, and hanging out at the photo booth and blanket fort.

Bonfire: We had a great time with our high schoolers at our HS Bonfire on February 28! It was an awesome night of community, playing games, roasting marshmallows, and eating dinner together - and also getting warm near a 20 ft bonfire! Thanks to everyone who came to hang out with us.


"Highs & Lows":  We've all experienced the highs and lows in life, and in this series, we will navigate through the scriptures and focus on a "mountain top" narrative or a "valley" narrative each week. We will look at characters who were experiencing those places physically, but also spiritually, and how that affected their perspective, relationship with God and others, and ultimately what truths they learned from those times. Understanding that life has its ups and downs is only part of the equation. Throughout this series, we desire for our students to understand how to navigate those ups and downs with a faith and hope that clings desperately to Jesus so that they don't get stuck in the highs or get lost in the lows.


Stepping In Class - On March 22nd at 11am. Stepping-In is a fun and interactive 60-minute class that will help your child understand what baptism is, discover exactly what the Bible says about it, and build their confidence in sharing their faith with others. Kids and students will need to attend this class before participating in NextGen Baptism. This class is offered 3 Sundays a year during our regular service times. Register Here now.

United Night of Worship- On April 5th from 5-8pm, our middle school and high school students will come together to worship and study with other local student ministries at Brookwood Church! The night will begin with a time to hang out, play games, and get something to eat from one of the food trucks! We love coming together for this annual event!

HS Boys Day - If you are a guy in high school then FGS would like to invite you into a fun, adventurous “Boys Day” on Saturday, March 14 from 8am-8pm. We will be driving up to North Carolina and spending a day hiking in Pisgah National Forest (Ranger District). At different times along the trail we will be pausing to soak up creation, engage in discussion about what it means to be a man today, and look at different examples of Jesus in the Scriptures, since we believe He is the perfect example of what manhood looks like. Please join us as we reconnect with Jesus in what He has made! Cost is $10 to cover cost of meals, which will be required at time of registration. This event is limited to 12 participants. Register Here

HS Girls Day - We are inviting all of our high school girls grades 9th-12th to a special girls-only event at FGS! We will be meeting together for brunch, teaching, crafts, and fellowship. This will be a special time together as we learn about resting in Jesus and becoming more like Him. We will talk about body image, rest, and health - spiritually, mentally and physically. We can't wait to see you and spend time together learning more about ourselves and Jesus! The event time is 9am-12pm. The cost of this event is $5.00. Register Here

FGS Park Day: Over spring break on April 13th, middle and high School students are invited to join the FGS staff at Pittman Park to play some games from 11:00am-1:00pm! We will also be eating lunch together, so students should bring their own lunch and water.

FGS High School Lunch - High School students are invited to join the FGS staff for lunch on April 14th at 12pm-1:30pm at Maple Street Biscuit Company. First 10 students to arrive will win a free lunch! 

HS Late Night Bowling - Wondering what to do during spring break? Join the FGS staff for a late night of bowling at the Peach Bowl Lanes on Wednesday, April 15, from 10pm-12am. Food, fun, and fellowship will be the theme for the night. Cost is $10 at the door. 


The Culture Translator

This is a weekly email from a group who focuses on helping parents navigate the changing culture and news that keeps coming at us at a rapid pace. Each Friday they send an email that takes 5 minutes to read but keys you in on three major culture/news happenings. A lot of us on staff have subscribed and have found it very insightful.  

We hope this helps you stay in the cultural loop and gives you strategic ways to keep speaking into the life of your children! Thanks for being the awesome parents that you are!

FGS YouTube Channel

Here you can find videos from FG Students including FGS vision, training for small group leaders, volunteer highlight videos, and insights on adolescent culture. Two new videos will be added each month.

If you ever have any questions about our ministry or about navigating life with a high schooler or small groups, feel free to reach out to the student team at

The FGS High School Team