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FG Disciple

FG Disciple is a training aimed at equipping disciples of Jesus to make disciples of Jesus. In Jesus' parting words at the end of Matthew, he left His church with a mission. "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, ..." so, this is the call of every follower of Jesus, "make disciples." This training is for every follower of Jesus and will equip you to disciple your kids, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your friends.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to imitate Jesus, to become like him. Disciple focuses on 6 character and competencies of Jesus. As a participant, you will grow in the character of our savior and in your competency to disciple others. We are all disciples of something and all discipling someone, it is just a matter of who and what. So, come and grow as a disciple of Jesus and as a disciple-maker in God’s invading kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is a follower of Jesus and wants to grow in the character of Jesus and in the competency of making disciples.
We offer 10-month sessions (Disciple & Lead) throughout the year. Each Track meets twice a month on Sunday evenings. Each gathering is an inductive learning environment consisting of Transformational Input, Personal Integration, and Ministry Integration. Each participant is part of a cohort led by an experienced coach who personally walks with you through the journey including connections outside of Sunday training sessions.
10 months - August-May (break for Christmas). Averaging two sessions a month on a Sunday evening.
Story, Gospel, Heart, Intimacy, Community, Mission (Serving, Risk, Questioning)
FG Disciple is the first step in mobilizing the church for the work of ministry. Disciple focuses on laying a foundation of character and competency that Lead can build on. Disciple is geared for every follower of Jesus while Lead is designed for those called to or currently in a leadership role within their Fellowship. So, if you are a Community Group leader, a High School small group leader, a kids volunteer, or someone interested in growing as a leader you are welcome to participate in Lead. However, you can only participate in Lead after you go through Disciple. Disciple is a prerequisite for Lead.
FG Disciple -> FG Lead -> Mobilized for ministry


Upcoming FG Disciple Classes

"Through these last 2 years of discipleship training, God continues to open doors of opportunity to serve in ways that bring out my strengths."

–Chip Lang (Participant)

"Within this community, I have come to understand more fully God’s story, the gospel, intimacy with God, living life on mission, and more."

–Rachel Marks (Participant)