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Event Childcare

Event Childcare provides a safe, fun, and familiar environment where children are cared for by well-trained workers at Fellowship Greenville while parents participate in various ministry small groups and events, at no charge to the parent(s). 

In order to adequately staff each event, parents must pre-register their child(ren) at least seven days prior to the event deadline. If a child is not registered by the deadline, a spot is not guaranteed for your child. Please contact our Event Childcare team to ask about availability.

Upcoming events offering Event Childcare are listed below. Click an event link to register your child for that event.

Event Childcare Events

Sample Room Schedule

The following is an example of a typical schedule for a Event Childcare group. This sample schedule is for children two years and up:

9:30-9:45 Parent drop-off, playtime in room
9:45-10:15 Lesson and craft time
10:15-10:45 Playground/gym time
10:45-11:15 Lesson activities
11:15-11:30 Play in room and clean up

Sickness Policy

Upon the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child showing any of the following symptoms should remain home:

Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose (accompanied by any other symptom), unexplained rash, sore throat, skin infection (boils, ringworm, lice), any symptom of childhood disease (such as scarlet fever, measles, mumps, rubella, active chickenpox or whooping cough), conjunctivitis (pink eye), or other eye infection.

A child must be free of symptoms for a minimum of 24 hours before attending Event Childcare. If a child develops symptoms of illness while in our care, we will contact the parent.

If sickness or another unexpected event is going to prevent your child from attending childcare, please text Rachelle Adams at (864) 234-7033 and follow the instructions below or via email (even if it’s the same day of your scheduled event). It’s important for us to know how many children to expect to avoid over-staffing and purchasing too much pizza.


1. Text (864) 234-7033

2. Enter EC in text message field

3. Wait for reply link

4. Complete the form in the link