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Eat This Book

1/6/2013 - 1/20/2013

The prophet Jeremiah said that he ate God's words and they became the joy of his heart (Jer 15.16). As God's people, we should share Jeremiah's sentiments. But there's a problem. We are often too busy, too preoccupied, and too overcome by the fast-paced world around us to simply sit before God and His word in order to be transformed. This three-week series is our rebellion against that distractedness. We want to pursue intimacy with God through what He has revealed in His word. We want to eat this book.

In This Series

  1. Eat This Book 3 (Selected Scriptures) | 1/20/2013 | Charlie Boyd |
  2. Eat This Book 2 (Selected Scriptures) | 1/13/2013 | Charlie Boyd |
  3. Eat This Book 1 (Psalm 119:97-105) | 1/6/2013 | Charlie Boyd |