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Core Values

1/2/2022 - 3/6/2022

At Fellowship Greenville, there are seven core values we believe Jesus modeled for us to show us how to live as his disciples. As these values become part of who we are, people are introduced to a life with Jesus while being called to belong in community and serve others with no expectation of return. So the question is… how do we live out each of these values in our own lives, with our friends and family, and in our daily interactions? In this series, we’ll unpack what these seven core values look like in the life of Jesus and lay a foundation for ongoing discussions within community groups.

In This Series

  1. Living in Integrity | 1/23/2022 | Charlie Boyd | Selected Scriptures
  2. Loving Others | 1/9/2022 | Charlie Boyd | John 13:34-35
  3. Enjoying God | 1/2/2022 | Matt Rexford | Mark 12:28-31