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One of our core values is understanding God’s Word. Because of this, we’ve had different kinds of Bible reading plans.

A couple of years ago we read for distance (the entire Bible), and then we read for depth (just the New Testament). After that, we thought it would be fun to combine the two – distance and depth. We called this combination the Storyline Reading Plan. In 2016, we continued with the Storyline Reading Plan, and adding a selection from A Prayer Collective


For 2017, we're trying something new: Read | Sing | Pray | Ask. This plan includes the following four components:

  1. READ—one chapter from a book in the Bible.
  2. SING—a weekly song.
  3. PRAY—a weekly prayer.
  4. ASK—a daily question about how we can grow in our faith.

You can follow along in our mobile app (iPhone App or Google App) or by downloading a monthly calendar: