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 Group Leader Pathway


The Leader Pathway provides an intentional path to both equip and inform you as a future group leader. Please watch this video that highlights a few aspects of the page and guides you as you navigate our process for being a community group leader here at Fellowship Greenville.

Note: We ask that all potential group leaders complete our "Growth Track" prior to leading a community group.

Leader Application

Please help us get to know you by completing this leader application. This is a crucial step in our process and will not only inform us but also you as you think through some of the things will discuss later in person. 


Group leaders always run into the challenge of commitment. How do I get my group members to commit? Here are a few key tips to foster commitment and engagement within a group.

Multiplication lies at the heart of community groups. This should be felt in how the group is run, it should be heard in what is said and should be seen as time progresses. If groups are about more than a social gathering, if they are about the Gospel changing lives and reaching the lost then multiplication should not only happen but be an expectation. Because this is easier said than done, here are 5 key things to foster multiplication.

Community groups are a place of facilitated discussion. There are many ways that you can structure group time, but facilitated discussion should always play a key role. Here are three tips for successfully facilitating a discussion.
Children are a big part of life and the church. They are a blessing to have in a family and in a group. Now most leaders would agree with the first part of that, but they may struggle a little bit more with the “in a group” part. Here at Fellowship Greenville, we primarily connect people to groups based on relationships and geography. That means that you as a leader may or may not face the “how do we have kids in group” question. Well, I have good news. You are not the first leader to ask that question. Here are a few tips on how to navigate a group that has kids.
Group leadership seeks to provide appropriate resources for leaders to successfully lead. Here are a few primary places to find the resources Fellowship Greenville provides.

Final Steps

The last steps include meeting up with our Community Groups team while also giving us some information on your group as you fill out the Group Launch survey. Complete the action items below to finalize the process of becoming of group leader!