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The Monster of Selfishness

Dallas Greenaway - 5/21/2017

The monster of selfishness might just be at the root of all other monsters and all sin. We all have a built-in desire to please ourselves, to fill ourselves, to do what is best for us. But this is contrary to the Gospel. Jesus constantly tells us to lay down our lives in order to find them, to serve others and not exist to be served, and to love others just as he has loved us. That’s where we find ourselves in John 13:34-35. If we want to slay the monster of selfishness, we have to look outside ourselves, become people who think of ourselves less and think of God and others way more. When we are regularly looking to love and serve God and others, it’s hard to become self-absorbed and self-obsessed. We’re selfless when we think of ourselves less.

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