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Rice : Carolyn

Carolyn serves in the country of Georgia and its neighboring countries, working mainly with women and children. She has a passion for leading people to Jesus Christ and showing them how God and His Word can bring healing and restoration. Through intensive Bible studies for post-abortion healing and more, women come to know God as their Healer and Redeemer. They come to have a passion for God's Word as they learn that His Word is relevant for today and is sufficient! Carolyn also trains leaders in biblical counseling and works to develop and train national leaders in each city to carry on these ministries. In the summers, Carolyn works with Christian camps for at-risk youth and helps with camps for refugees, orphans, and disabled children.

Way to Pray: Please pray for many opportunities to share the gospel through our winter events. We had an oral-story telling training as a way to reach Muslim women. My Azeri colleagues and I need to develop a plan of how to implement this training in the context of post-abortion healing. This work will take place this winter. Please pray for wisdom and creativity.  After the New Year, a colleague and I will visit several stan countries in Central Asia in order to strategize how we might offer training on post-abortion healing. Please pray for unity of purpose and Spirit for us, for creativity in these very different cultures, for health and stamina, and most of all, that we would be committed to seeking God, taking much time to listen to His voice.