Melton : Phil & Debbie

Phil and Debbie Melton had served in Japan with EBM since the 1980s. They serve three churches in the cities of Seki, Kani, and Sakaohogi, and have been working on the completion of Camp Raphayada, a 120-person Christian camp facility in Mugi Cho. Their ministry is expanding annually, and they are seeing individuals follow Jesus with some committing to serve him in full-time ministry. Phil and Debbie have six children and eight grandchildren. After over 30 years as missionaries, after the closing of EBM they are now serving with IBM Global in New Hampshire.

Way to Pray: The Meltons are looking to establish a new Japanese church in Sakahogi. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as they start this process. Please also pray for Phil and Debbie's son Nathan as he makes plans to go to Japan as a missionary and for their son Andrew who is facing an upcoming heart operation. 

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