|09| Kingdom Costs (Matthew 13:44-46)

Trenton Stokes - 8/9/2015

We continue in our summer series entitled, "Kingdom Parables: Keep Looking Until You See". Jesus told parables to make people think about how life in God’s kingdom under God’s reign was different than how we normally go about life. Parables have the capacity to challenge and change the way we usually think about God, life, and faith, and the only way to understand a parable is to keep looking until you see and to keep listening until you hear. In this message, we will continue our study by looking at a couple of parables in Matthew’s Gospel, that are found in chapter 13:44-46. In these parables, Jesus is revealing to His disciples that the Kingdom is once again both hidden, like a treasure in a field, and small, like a pearl, but it is so valuable that it is worth the sacrifice to gain it. This deep, durable delight in God and His Kingdom should produce profound joy, because Jesus assures us that no matter what comes our way, the Kingdom is worth it.