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|07| The Undignified God (Luke 15:11-32)

Jim Thompson - 7/26/2015

We continue in our summer series entitled, "Kingdom Parables: Keep Looking Until You See". Jesus told parables to make people think about how life in God’s kingdom under God’s reign was different than how we normally go about life. Parables have the capacity to challenge and change the way we usually think about God, life, and faith, and the only way to understand a parable is to keep looking until you see and to keep listening until you hear. Today's message is on the Parable of the Prodigal Son, which is notably one of the most popular of Jesus' parables. This story really revolves around the father, not the son. It is the father's character that seeks the lost, finds the lost, and throws parties with and for the lost. The God of Scripture is, quite often, unconventional and undignified. He loves us despite the mess we’ve made of ourselves and His world. If we think about God like this, it will launch us into a greater intimacy with Him. It's our wrong ideas without a God of drastic love at the center of our thinking that will yield a disgruntled Christian life.