Worship: An Event and Everyday

Matt Rexford and Jonny Brush - 6/24/2018

SCRIPTURE: Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Hebrew 10

Big Idea: A complete life of worship includes both the event of worship (the church gathering) and the “everyday” of worship (worship in all of life).


One way to describe worship is what we are giving ultimate worth to in our lives.


Our whole life is an opportunity to worship God. Although there are several Greek words in the New Testament that we translate “worship”, none of them mean “singing”. As we read the whole sweep of Scripture we begin to see that God never intended our worship to be contained only in a song or in a building on a certain day.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9
This passage of Scripture shows us that God intended for His love and His words to be talked about throughout the whole day and to be in our homes, our conversations, and our hearts. He intends our lives to be filled with thoughts of Him and love for him and praise to him.

”Biblically speaking, there is no sacred/secular distinction in our lives. Every moment is an opportunity to worship God. Church buildings aren’t sacred, and living rooms aren’t secular; both are places where God can be worshiped in spirit and truth.” - Bob Kauflin in Worship Matters

4 Habits to cultivate Everyday Worship:
BE GRATEFUL. Thank God regularly for all His gifts, big and small.
ENJOY GOD’S GIFTS. Know that God is the giver and simply enjoy the gift, to His glory.
DISCIPLINE YOUR DAYS. Start healthy routines of reading your Bible, praying, gathering with believers, and singing...a lot.
TAKE UP YOUR CROSS. Ask the Spirit to help you die to yourself each day.


As we look at the pattern of ancient Israel, the early church, and the direct command of Hebrews 10, we see that it was very important for believers to be together. They would never have considered just a private life of devotion an adequate way to follow Jesus.

When we gather we receive the care and teaching of pastor-shepherds, God receives greater glory, and fellow believers are built up and encouraged.

Come to the event of worship EXCITED and EXPECTANT.

For Discussion —
What stood out to you the most in this message?
How have you typically defined worship?
What areas of your life have you never considered to be acts of worship? How might they become an act of worship?
Who is the most “worshipful” person you know? What about them makes you say that?