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Next Gen Baptism Celebration

Ready To Register?

Now that you’ve attended the Stepping-In class and completed your baptism Interview with a student pastor, you’re ready to sign-up for the soonest Next Gen Baptism on our calendar! These events are held on three Sunday afternoons throughout the year. 

To simplify the process, we encourage you to have the following items ready before starting registration:

  1. Have your child or teen's Faith Story ready, which you will upload via a Word Document or type in on the website form.

  2. Gather four to eight photos of your child or teen that you can upload. We will use them in a special slideshow we create for you that will be shown during the baptism service.

  3. Have a good estimate of the number of friends and family that you will invite to the baptism celebration, which the registration asks you to provide.

  4. Know your child or teen's T-Shirt size.

Registration closed on Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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