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Pass It On: NextGen Leader Launch 2021

Pass It On: NextGen Leader Launch 2021

The years you grew up in were unique. However, growing up now looks different than it did when you were a kid. But some things are timeless! No matter when you grew up, or if you’re still doing so, there are timeless things we want every kid to experience as they grow up in our church.

Things like: 

  • A relationship with God based on faith in Jesus.
  • A sense of purpose that comes from following him.
  • A genuine connection with people who care.

Connecting kids and students to someone who knows God is the best way to help them know God. Whenever you show up for them, you give them a sense of belonging and a place to authentically engage in faith. Whether you’ve been serving for five years, five minutes, or just want to learn more about serving the next generation, this launch is for you!

Join us Sunday, August 22, from 4:00-6:30 pm as we kick off this school year with other like-minded leaders who are willing to let God use them to influence the next generation.

Dinner will be served. Limited childcare for children birth - 5th grade is available. You will receive a link on the last page of registration and in your confirmation email.

Registration closed on Sunday, August 22, 2021

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