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Purposefulness in the Workplace | Sam Ingrassia

The Pieta is Michelangelo's consummate lifework - the lasting legacy he was born to leave for future generations. Believers are called "God's Masterpiece" (Eph. 2:10). Each of us was created by God and placed on earth for a purpose - yet so few discover that purpose and live into it. Our missionary Sam Ingrassia, a gifted trainer, coach, and corporate developer, will share simple and powerful tools that empower us to discover our God-given destiny and then live it out in fruitful, healthy ways. Sam will teach his Ascending Health training which addresses the essential dimensions which shape the vitality of our personal lives, family, and influence. This training will unlock Kingdom purposefulness in our work, our families, and all our relationships.

Please note that the link below will take you to the North Hills Church website to register for this two-day event.

Purposefulness in the Work Place with Sam Ingrassia

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North Hills Taylors Campus, 4952 Edwards Rd. C104, Taylors 29687

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