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Biblical Manhood

The overarching theme of this series is to dissect what it means to be a Biblical man. In other words, we are going to address the categories that seem to be what men deal with the most and investigate what the Bible says about them. This will require looking at scripture but also discussing in smaller groups how the ideas play out in our lives. The key categories or areas that we will focus on are Identity, Growth, Purpose/Work, Relationships, and Life Balance. These are not linear so we will look at all 5 areas at the same time where the scriptures apply. 

Together we will grow in our ability to receive what the Holy Spirit is trying to teach us through God’s Word and gain boldness in how we encourage each other to live out what we learn. This will lead to a transformed life that affects all of the people God has placed in our lives.

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  • Tuesday, 04/13/21 @ 6:30 AM