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Session 11 | God's Will and the Church


God has called all of us to be on mission with Him. One of the first places we must seek His activity is in the life of the person to whom we are most intimately related. If God has given you a life partner, you will want to be involved in whatever great work God intends to do in that man's or woman's life.

Marriage is the most fundamental and intimate human relationship God has created. It is God who brings a man and woman together, and He does so for a purpose. As God is active in your spouse's life, He invites you to join in His activity. Be alert to how God wants to involve you in His work in your spouse's life.

God created the family and intends that children grow to know and love Him. Parents must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's activity in their children's lives. God knows what to do to bring our children into a love relationship with Him. We must constantly be alert to God's activity in our children's lives and be ready to get involved as God invites us.

I will bless those who bless you, I will curse those who treat you with contempt, and all the peoples on earth will be blessed through you. (Genesis 12:3)


  • How have you experienced God since our last meeting? 
  • What stood out or impacted you from the chapters?
  • Do you and your spouse take time to regularly talk about God's activity in your family, church, and world? If not, how might you begin to do that?
  • What is a ministry you and your spouse have been able to do together? What is a ministry you might be able to do together in the future?
  • How have you and your spouse determined your giving? How have you purposefully been investing in God's kingdom as a couple?
  • How are you praying for your children? Are you merely praying your own agenda to God, or are you seeking God's agenda for your children?
  • How are you joining in God's activity in your children's lives?


Pause to reflect on how God brought you and your husband or wife together. Consider all God has done to bless your life because of the life partner He gave you. Take some time to visit with your spouse about the pilgrimage God has taken you on together, and praise Him for His goodness to you both.

Take time to consider each child God has entrusted to you. It is an awesome responsibility. Praise God for His willingness to walk with you and to guide you as you teach your children to know and love Him. Be aware that, even when they reach adulthood, your sons and daughters still see you as a role model.

*This content is a condensed and consolidated version ends of chapters 21 and 22. This is in no way original content to Fellowship Greenville. This content is from the book Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, and Claude King (copyright 2008). We are thankful for the use of the content and the impact it has had.