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Day 4 | A Prayer for Leaders

Based on Psalm 145:13 and Daniel 4:34, this is a prayer for leaders, founded on God’s sovereignty. All of these requests for different leaders look forward in hope to the fullness of God’s kingdom.

O Lord, you are enthroned forever, 
Your dominion is an everlasting dominion, 
And your kingdom endures from generation to generation. Because of this, we pray, 
For world leaders, 
May they know true peace 
For our national leaders, 
May they know true justice 
For our state and city leaders, 
May they know true wisdom 
For leaders in our workplaces, 
May they know true stewardship 
For those who lead by example, 
May they know true humility. 
For parents as they lead their families, 
May they know true grace 
For those who lead our churches, 
May they know true care 
We ask that all of these be bestowed, 
In the saving knowledge of Jesus our Messiah, And in the hope of the world to come,