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Day 3 | Heavenly Consolations

This is from Thomas à Kempis’ famous devotional work, The Imitation of Christ. Throughout this book, he prays to understand the way of Jesus more clearly, so that he might obey him more fully.

Lord of all, 
Of creation and redemption, 
What is my confidence which I have in this life? Is it not you, my God, whose mercies are without number? Where has it ever been well with me without you? Or where could it be ill with me when you were present? 
I choose to be a sojourner on this earth, for your sake I embrace the poise of a pilgrim and the way of an exile For where you are, there is home and heaven 
And where you are not, there is death and hell 
There is none that can help me in my necessities but you When temptations and adversities assail, you meet me there When trials and troubles abound, you bring me peace You alone can fill me full of heavenly consolations 
Be my help, O Lord,