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Day 24 | Give Us Love and Light

The metaphor of light and darkness begins on the first page of the Bible and runs all the way through to the very last page of the Bible. This is a prayer for the inextinguishable light of Jesus to shine more brightly in our lives.

O God, in the name of Jesus Christ your Son
Give us that love which can never cease
That will kindle our lamps but not extinguish them,
That they may burn in us and enlighten others.
O Christ, our dearest Savior,
Ignite our lamps,
That they may evermore shine in your temple,
That they may receive unquenchable light from you,
That will enlighten our darkness,
And lessen the darkness of the world.
Lord Jesus, we pray,
Give your light to our flickering lamps,
That we may behold your workings and ways.
O Light of the World, brighten our days
That we may always see you, desire you,
Long for you, and bask in your rays