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Day 15 | You Are More

This is a prayer that God’s grace and sufficiency would be seen in our need and experienced in our sin. If we rightly consider the various attributes of God, his grace should be clearer to us in that consideration.

Creator and Redeemer, Triune God, 
We will never cease in our thanks to you. 
For the grace upon grace extended to us in Jesus.
This grace, always exceeding our lack and sufficient for our need
This grace has called us to yourself, and will likewise sustain us.
As your kind hands ever guide and guard us, O Lord
May we remember this lavish grace in all that You are. 
You are more faithful than we are distracted. 
You are more willing than we are stubborn. 
You are more constant than we are wandering. 
You are more creative than we are mundane. 
You are more loving than we are critical. 
You are more caring than we are apathetic. 
You are more pure than we are defiled. 
You are more steadfast than we are fickle. 
You are more compassionate than we are victimized.
You are more sovereign than we are manipulative.
You are more generous than we are greedy. 
You are more available than we are busy. 
You are more comforting than we are troubled. 
You are more forgiving than we are sinful. 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, 
For the grace that pervades all that you are and all that you do
Make us ever needful, ever thankful, and ever hopeful.