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Day 13 | The Fruit of the Spirit

This prayer is based on Paul’s famous passage about the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:16-26. It wants each “piece of fruit” to blossom in daily life in such a way that the character of Jesus is seen clearly in our character.

Holy Spirit, form Christ in us, deep within us. 
Change us in such a way that we never recover from it. Teach us to forgive those who have hurt and harmed us. Fashion discernment as a permanent fixture is us. Make us bear fruit that reflects his life 
So that others are drawn to him. 
Cultivate in us love, 
Sacrificial, others-centered love that expects nothing in return. 
Work in us joy, 
Tangible, contagious joy that doesn’t flee when trials come. 
Grant us peace, 
Culture-transforming peace that comforts beyond words. 
Fill us with patience, 
Enduring, hopeful patience that always leads to grace. 
Grow in us kindness, 
Thoughtful, serving kindness that seeks to bless others. 
Stir in us goodness, 
Generous, humble goodness that pursues harmony in all things. 
Further in us faithfulness, 
Unbending, trusting faithfulness that isn’t shaken by storms. 
Clothe us with gentleness, 
Meek, contrite gentleness that considers others before self. 
Develop in us self-control, 
Wise, aware self-control that thinks before it acts. 
Holy Spirit, as you sanctify us in Christ-likeness, 
Expose our sin and grant repentance, 
Purify us with your word and your truth, 
Make grace to be our native tongue 
In these things, glorify Jesus the Son, 
And satisfy us, his people.