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Day 11 | Open My Eyes

From the old Scottish minister George Matheson, this is a prayer that the truth of Scripture would become alive and experiential to us. It believes that God can, does, and will change people through his Word and prays to that end.

O Spirit of Truth
Because all Scripture is divine life and breath
Because it is all useful for instruction and correction
Because it is all able to equip and transform Illumine to me the words of the Lord therein
Show me the wealth of glory beneath the old familiar stories
Teach me the depths of meaning in the songs of Zion
Raise me to the heights reached by the wings of the prophets
Lift me to the summit of faith trod by the feet of the apostles
Embolden me with the courage of your martyrs and saints
Uphold me with the unwavering grace of your love
Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of your law