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Day 10 | A Prayer for Others

This is a prayer of intercession that seeks God on behalf of others. It follows Paul’s encouragement to Timothy to pray for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations (1 Timothy 2:1), all the while ultimately praying for people to find freedom in Jesus.

God of all grace, 
Make us mindful of the needs of others, 
Make our hearts ever prayerful for them. 
We entrust them and their needs to you, 
And to your wise providence and care. 
For the ill, feeble, and elderly 
Who are not able to care for themselves, 
We ask for strength and healing for their bodies. 
For the poor, oppressed, hungry, and less fortunate, 
We ask that their needs would be met, 
And that you would use us to do so. 
For those trapped by fear, depression, and worry, 
We ask that they would sense hope in the midst of despair, And that they might feel your peace that passes understanding. 
For widows, orphans, and those without a loving family, We ask that they might experience your compassion, 
And find belonging in your family, the church. 
For strained relationships between family and friends, 
May all involved humbly see their great need 
For the grace and truth of Jesus. 
For marriages both new and old, 
We ask for renewed bonds of trust, communication, and joy. We ask that they be filled with humility, kindness, and self-giving love. 
For those we know who don’t have a relationship with you through Jesus, We ask that they be drawn to see, in the cross and resurrection, That your mercy is the only remedy for their sin. 
Father, grant that all of these would find freedom, 
Freedom in your Son and by your Spirit, 
Freedom from bondage to self, 
Freedom to service and hope. 
For your name’s sake, Amen.