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Day 1 | Great Are You, O Lord

This prayer comes from the first section of Augustine’s (354-430 AD) famous autobiography, Confessions. Here, he is declaring the greatness of God, and how that greatness is beyond our understanding. For Augustine, God’s greatness is cause for humility and joy as he seeks God. As you enter into a time of prayer for your day, remember and declare the greatness of our God.

Great are you, O Lord, and greatly to be praised Great is your power, and your wisdom infinite You awaken us to delight in praising you You have made us for yourself 
And our hearts are restless, until we find rest in you 
And what are you then, my God? 
For who is lord but the Lord? 
Or who is god if not our God? 
You are most high, most good, most omnipotent; Most merciful and most just; 
Most hidden and most present; 
Infinitely beautiful and infinitely strong; 
Never new, never old; 
Ever working, ever at rest; 
Ever gathering, yet lacking nothing; 
Seeking, yet having all things; 
Never in need, yet rejoicing in gains; 
You pay debts, owing nothing; 
And you remit debts, losing nothing. 
And after all this, what have I now said of you, My God, my life, my holy joy? 
Now grant that I would find rest in you 
Come to my heart and inebriate it 
That I may forget the evils that beset me Make me embrace you as my only good My Lord, narrow is the mansion of my soul; enlarge it It lies in ruins; rebuild it 
Say now to my soul, “I am your salvation” Say it so I can hear; my heart is listening 
Speak it again to me, “I am your salvation” 
Now, let me run to your voice, and seize hold of you Great are you, O Lord, and greatly to be praised