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John 18


Sweet Spirit of God,
Move, I pray, upon my disordered heart.
Lift the clouds of darkness and unbelief.
Brighten my soul with the pure light of your word,
And take the things of Christ and show them plainly to me.
Through thee may I daily learn more of his
Grace, compassion, faithfulness, beauty.

Help me to find in his death the reality and immensity of his love
Open for me the wondrous volumes of truth in his “It is finished.”
Increase my faith in the clear knowledge of
Atonement achieved,

Satisfaction made,
Guilt done away,
My debt paid,
My sins forgiven,
My future redeemed,
Hell vanquished,
Heaven opened,
Eternity made mine.

Sweet Spirit of God,
Deepen in me these saving lessons.
Write them upon my heart, that my days may be
Sin-loathing, sin-fleeing, and Christ-loving.
For the upbuilding of your holy church,

And the furthering of your fame. Amen.