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Summer Intership

Community Groups/Discipleship

The Community Group Intern at Fellowship Greenville will have the opportunity to encourage, support and invest in group leaders of all ages and walks of life. Community Groups are a unique ministry area that is constantly growing, and involves loving people in their normal day to day lives. Some of the opportunities the Community Group Intern will have are:

  • Shadow and assist the Community Group Pastor as he meets with current and future group leaders
  • Regularly discuss small group strategies and philosophies with the Community Group Pastor
  • Assist in the development of group and leader resources
  • Attend multiple community groups chosen by the Community Group Pastor to better understand groups in both strategy and practice
  • Assist in planning leader trainings and events
  • Read required books/materials and participate in discussions on what is learned
  • Interview current community group leaders to better understand leadership challenges
  • Assist the Community Group Pastor in care opportunities with group leaders
  • Lead a community group and a gender specific group gathering
  • Practice communicating vision and discerning member needs
  • Write community group articles for the edification of Fellowship Greenville members
  • Review group curriculum and vet group materials
  • Assist in leader recruitment for future groups

What can you expect to learn:

  • The value of community in the life of a believer
  • The philosophy and strategy of multiple small group ministry models
  • To work with staff across all areas of ministry
  • Effective leader recruitment and leader training
  • How to work on a pastoral team in which various pastors have various responsibilities
  • How to implement training, connecting and equipping processes in a large church
  • Leadership skills that apply in varying contexts with varying audiences

This is just a taste of what the Community Group Intern will learn while participating in the small group ministry of a large church. Ultimately, this intern will have repeated opportunities to spur others on as they are made more in the image of Christ. Care, growth, mission, and fellowship all happen in groups and this intern will be immersed in it all.