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Episode 1      February 8,2023      Chandler Patterson

Jesus on Display Trailer

An introduction to what the Jesus on Display podcast is all about! Find church updates and condensed sermons that are 20 minutes or less, which is a great runtime for all of your daily commutes, morning and evening devotionals, or lunch break! We’ll also talk about the power of storytelling and how that ties into what we do here—you may even find us talking about faith and film with discussions on various movies and how the two work in unison to put Jesus on display.

Episode 2      February 15,2023      Charlie Boyd

The Fellowship of the Son

A state of the church update from Pastor Charlie! We have been set apart by God and for God, called together and gifted by God, to partner with God in His work in the world. Because we are “the fellowship of His Son,” we are also in partnership with the Son. So, what exactly does that mean? How do we live out partnering with God in His work in the world?

Episode 3      February 22,2023      Charlie Boyd

Working In Our Weakness

God is working slowly, silently, subversively to usher in a King and a Kingdom that will turn the world upside down.

Episode 4      February 28,2023      Jonny Brush & Chandler Patterson

Why Is Storytelling So Important?

There are so many stories out there, and many ways to consume and absorb them all. We're starting the conversation of exploring why storytelling is crucial while also giving you examples of correlations in Scripture, and in the medium of filmmaking. And oftentimes, we’ll intersect the two by talking about faith and film with some direct Gospel takeaways from the stories we love. Share your story with us today at!

Episode 5      March 5,2023      Charlie Boyd

True Revival

In a culture that continues to drift farther and farther from God, the only way you won’t drift with it is for you to honor God as King over every part of your life and build your life on the Word of the King.

Episode 8      March 20,2023      Jason Malone & Rob Marks

Church Updates — Spring 2023!

Spring is here for the year 2023! Here's what's happening around our church and how you can get involved wherever you are. To keep up with all of our church happenings, the best thing to do is subscribe to our newsletter at (login required).

Episode 6      March 13,2023      Matt Rexford

Praise & Providence

1 Samuel 9-10:16 teaches us two distinct things about praising and trusting in God's plan for our lives. This story winds through the land on a donkey hunt. Saul and his servant think they are out for an ordinary day, but God is sovereignly guiding him toward Samuel to be anointed king.

Episode 7      March 16,2023      Charlie Boyd

Rooted in Scripture

The only way to survive in a world that constantly pulls us away from God, the only way to stay connected to the source of life, is to immerse yourself in the story of the Scriptures. SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 9-11

Episode 9      March 23,2023      Jason Malone

Who's the Hero of Your Story?

When you're telling your stories, who is the hero? What makes you feel the most self-worth? What, if you lost it, would make you feel despair? 1 Samuel 12 is a testimony to Samuel’s leadership. He calls Israel to remember how merciful God is, repent of their sins, and replace their idols with obedience and reverence to the one true King.

*This episode is an excerpt taken from Jason Malone's message, "Remember — Repent — Replace." Find the full sermon on our website at