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Growing in My Faith - Daniel's Story

by Daniel Ware

When I was little, I never thought of the whole “Jesus” or “heaven” thing. I was with my sister about age 5, and we prayed the “prayer,” and I thought I was fine, and that's it, but I never actually believed it until when I was around age 11. I went to a camp one year, and the preacher talked about salvation. I pulled aside my counselor, and that's when I got saved. After that, a couple of years went by, and I went through a couple of addictions, but God was with me through them. One day I asked my mom about baptism, and I took a class at a church, and God made it very clear that I shouldn't get baptized then. I have been praying for him to show me where to get baptized. Finally, I came to Fellowship for the first time, and he made it very clear to me that Fellowship Greenville was the place to get baptized. I am doing this to show the world that I am still growing in my faith and am a child of God.

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