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I Am His Child - Addisyn's Story

by Addisyn Lindsey

As a young girl my family always encouraged me to pursue a life of following after Jesus. When I was five, I decided I wanted to follow Jesus. But in the past year, when I was in fifth grade, was when God really grew me and my faith in Him in many ways that I have not experienced before. My parents continued to encourage me to lean towards Him in all areas of my life and the basketball team I played on did a Bible study together. Our leader Mrs. Marcy, one of the best people in the world, taught us about our identity and who we are in Christ, which I really struggled with. I grew closer to God, understanding His love for me through it all. During the Easter service a few weeks ago, Pastor Charlie invited the church to pray with Him and I did. I wanted to make sure in my heart that without a doubt I know I am His child. Before when I prayed as a young child, God was just a part of my life, now God is my life. He’s changed my heart and made it new. I want to show others I am proud to be a follower of Christ by taking part in baptism.

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