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Walk by Faith - Dan's Story

by Dan Lampinen

My faith journey started 53 years ago! In October of 2019, I was sick for about five months straight and couldn’t pinpoint what was keeping me so ill. One day, I was driving down the road with my driver's side window slightly open. I called out to God out loud as I was so tired of being sick while not knowing what was wrong with me. I said, "God, if you’re real, please just show me in some small way."

Not two minutes later, I'm still driving with my window open, and “WHAM!”... an acorn comes flying in through that tiny gap in my window and lands above my steering wheel by my odometer. As it landed, spinning like a top for a few seconds, all I could think was, “what are the chances?” No one could’ve thrown or shot that acorn through that window as I was traveling about 50 miles per hour. It happened right after I prayed, too! My next thought was, “Wow! God, you are REAL!”

I got home and immediately told my wife what happened while showing her the acorn in my hand. Out of curiosity, I decided to google the spiritual meaning of an acorn, and here’s what I found…

“Long before acorns were considered good luck, they were associated with a good luck symbol. Acorns are said to protect one's health and longevity. Carrying an acorn is believed to protect from illnesses, aches, and other body pains.” To this day, I drive by that spot on that road, and there are NO trees to be found (just fields) on that stretch of road. We serve such a BIG God and he can do amazing things!

Eventually, through several doctor visits, I discovered that cancer was the thing that was keeping me so sick during that time. By the grace of God, I am stable right now and have learned to walk by faith and not by sight. Psalm 46:10 has become my life verse. Without Jesus, my amazing wife, children, friends, and church family, my walk would not be the same. Since my diagnosis, fear and doubts easily set in, but I've learned to live life to its fullest every day and I pray I can give others hope along the way! I have felt God's hand in my journey through the entire process. He showed me he is real by showing up when I needed him most (through an acorn), and I hope he uses my story to reach anyone who needs to hear it.

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