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He Is More Than Enough

by Amy Tedder

Finding He is more than enough!

My soul craves peace. To say that these days have been overwhelming is an understatement. There has been so much turmoil with the pandemic, racial problems, elections sandwiched between regular quarantined family life! Peace has been fleeting! Even reading my Bible and listening to music wasn’t enough. Trying to fill that craving for peace with people wasn’t working either. I kept feeling empty—not able to face the turmoil.

In June I started adding a 30-minute walk to my routine. During that walk, I plugged into a teaching podcast. As I walked and listened to the messages, the Spirit began to work on my heart. He started pointing out areas that I needed to make right with God and others. 

Even my CBR reading took a different turn. I have read through the Bible countless times but in June I started going deeper in the “confession” box (in the CBR journal.) In that tiny box, I started confessing where I had tried to “be in control” or had “let fear govern my heart”. Sharing these things with my CBR friend helped me to be more honest with myself before God. It was like a breath of fresh air to have this time with God.

This time has been healing to my soul. It was as if God has been walking alongside me lovingly showing me that HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH to bring the peace that I crave. His Word keeps washing over me. It is through the Scripture that I can renew my mind. That is where I am finding peace and true heart transformation.