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Grow In Love - Bethany's Story

by Bethany Hastings

"In a couple of weeks, we celebrate our first anniversary as husband and wife. A few months into our marriage, we received news that doctors found a mass in Bethany. The next few months were filled with questions and unknowns. It took us into a season of truly being tested in our faith and our trust in God’s provision. During that time God overwhelmed us with reminders of his grace, provision, and healing. When our world was crumbling around us, God was the rock that kept us secure. We are thankful for his blessings, his healing power, and his faithfulness. 

We joked that 2020 would be a more peaceful year for us; however, God had better plans. Once again we were thrown into a season of unknown. Going through our first trial as a married couple prepared us for this new season during coronavirus. While we can be faced with moments of fear, there was so much more peace as we put our trust in God and his faithfulness. God has given us so much hope and promise in a time where it is pretty scarce. We were put through these trials to grow and to learn how to trust God with everything in our marriage.

While this is not the first year of marriage that we had planned, we are so abundantly thankful for the experiences God has given us to grow in love for Him and for each other. God is in control. He knows what’s best. And wow does He loves us so.'

We love the song "I Will Look Up." The chorus states, 'I will look back and see that you were faithful. I’ll look ahead believing you are able.'" - Bethany H.

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