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He is still good

by Susan Hayes

When I first heard of the coronavirus, I didn’t think much about it. Never would I have guessed what was coming. A few short weeks later, I find myself at home with my husband and children, living what feels like a “Groundhog Day” life as one day rolls into the next. Activities have been canceled, our schooling has changed, my husband’s commute has disappeared, a walk to the mailbox feels like an outing. Some days it’s hard to find the motivation to get dressed or do much at all. So what is God doing, and what am I to do with this time? I don’t know all the answers, but I know this: God is good. So good. Medical challenges over the last few years have taught me that God is good and faithful to walk with me in the hard. When I have been at my most discouraged, He has brought scripture and people into my life to encourage me and remind me that I’m not alone. I want to hold on to that in the midst of this global pandemic. When the news is grim, when we face an economy in turmoil, when I’m grieving all of the changes and facing the unknown of the future, I want to remember that God never leaves me. He won’t forsake me. He is still good.