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In This Moment

by Sudeana Call

Right now, I find myself in a stage of life that can quickly overwhelm me with questions. What is going to happen next? Have I done enough? Am I doing all the things I should to care for my people well? As I stepped into this year I knew we were facing some hurdles and I let fear grip me. BUT GOD--ever so sweetly echoed the same message repeatedly to me through His Word, godly teaching, and precious community. "You only have to obey now, in this moment." Such freedom came as He made me realize that He is with me in each current moment and He will give me the strength to obey in it. When I am in the next moment and He calls for obedience, He will be there giving me strength to obey again. So, as we prepare to launch our first daughter off to college, keep homeschooling middle and high school, and care for aging in-laws; all He is asking me to do is be in His Word and obey in this moment. God is faithful and I can trust Him with every moment.