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Second Chance

by Ashley Burk

Having no upbringing in the church, my life before Jesus was filled with misery and pain. As a result of my decisions, so many friends and family were hurt in the wake of my poor choices. There was a void in my heart I was attempting to fill with all the wrong things, a void I know now could only be filled by knowing and accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Just this past year I married an amazing man, he is a wonderful father and husband. We are both on our second marriage, which comes with its own blessings and struggles. I don't want to repeat my past mistakes. I truly believe our coming together was the hand of God giving me a second chance.  So I am choosing to seek the Lord as an individual and as a family. We found Fellowship Greenville on Easter of 2018, came back January 2019, and haven't left. Jesus has and continues to change our lives. On this day, May 19, 2019, I am here to show through the act of baptism that I have and do accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.