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Rescue Plan

by Jason Kaliope

I accepted Christ over 12 years ago, and until now have been successful in my procrastination regarding baptism. I like to think that God has me doing this here and now for a reason, one may be that I get to share this day with my mom who is also being baptized today.

My faith story began several years ago, curiously enough because of another baptism. I didn’t grow up in church, in fact, it wasn’t until I was 17 years old that I voluntarily attended a church service for the first time when my then-girlfriend, Kristy, was being baptized. Actually, I think we had just started dating…that may have counted as our 2nd or 3rd date.

Long story short, Kristy and I got married 4 years later while we were both still in college. During our early years together, her new faith was no match for my lack of faith. Luckily God had a rescue plan.

Shortly after the birth of our first child, Kristy unknowingly enrolled in a parenting group that turned out to be a Bible study. While hesitant at first, she eventually became close with a great group of Christian women who led her back to Christ.  

This created some conflict in our marriage at the time but ultimately resulted in me becoming friends with some great people and believers that graciously entertained my unbelief and introduced me to the God of the Bible which I had never fully understood before.

It took a couple of years regularly attending church and wrestling with questions and my beliefs, but finally, at service on Palm Sunday in 2007, I decided to step out in faith and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Today, I’m being baptized as a public profession of that faith.