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Childlike Faith

by Katie Williams

"Before I trusted God I wondered if he was real. I heard about him in Sunday School, but I always wondered how it worked. How did one person walk on water? I focused on school and who was bugging me at home. I was lost. 

The day I trusted God was after church on December 6, 2015. I asked my mom and dad if I could talk to them. They said yes and we sat down in a private place. I told them I had been reading my Bible and I was ready to trust Christ. They said they were happy and we bowed our heads and I asked the Lord to forgive me. 

Now that I have trusted God I feel better. Now when I read verses in a book I don't skip over them, I try to be a better sister and my life is focused on God. I have thought about how great it feels to be forgiven. My favorite verse is John 3:16 because it reminds me I am loved. Also, Isaiah 41:15,16, because it tells me I have been remembered. I have decided to get baptized because that is the next step in faith. Now that I have found Christ, Christ has told me that I have come out of the darkness." -Katie W.