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Jesus Heals

by Hudson Aul

"This past Spring my mom was diagnosed with cancer and had to have surgery to remove the cancer from her body. It was a scary time for me, but both my parents encouraged me to lean on Jesus, trust His word and know that He would take care of her. I love my mom and didn’t want her to feel any pain. But it was during this time that I really saw Jesus in my daily life. Friends supported me and told me to hang in there. People from church brought over meals and other moms let me play at their homes while my mom was in the hospital or at an appointment. The biggest deal was that Jesus healed my mom and now she is cancer free. I know the doctors cut out the cancer and gave her medicine to help but I know it was really God that healed her. I know he is listening and answers prayer. Now when I get discouraged about my sin or school like math I know that I can pray and He’s with me." -Hudson A.