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Redeeming Love

by David Montgomery

"How I have seen the Gospel at work in my life is a spectrum of complicated parts. I went through a difficult divorce almost 20 years ago, and now see the redemptive hand of God at work as my wife and I facilitate Divorce Care where we help others navigate through the storms they are facing 

I have at times felt isolated and misunderstood as life’s challenges seemed overwhelming. Yet the God that never leaves me has ushered me into a place where I completed Stephen Ministry training, and now have walked one on one with people going through the darkest areas of their lives, providing a scriptural focus for them to see God creating the masterpiece of their lives, through which God gifted me friends and support to know he is meeting my needs before I know them.

Recently my wife and I completed ReEngage where we learned a better way to communicate and grow our marriage as we learned how to bring more of Jesus into our central focus of marriage and live that out in new ways. We are also meeting with Mike Hawkins to discuss facilitating a group for the same program.

As well as we have felt led by Christ recently to find a way to serve blended families. My wife and I went through many difficult times blending two boys and three girls under the age of seven, and find we keep hearing God say we need to share that with others. So we are exploring those options.

I have seen our oldest son go down the wrong path, end up in the system, face time, and recover to be a contributing member to the workforce and society. Celebrate as another son graduated with a preaching degree and is currently a Campus Pastor at UCF. The three older girls in the family are all exceeding in their pursuits as one is preparing for her CPA exam, one is finishing her Bachelors and getting started on her masters, and yet one more is pursuing her degree in theatre at UCF as well.

Then there is the story of the youngest girl in our home Hannah. I had a vasectomy 7 days before I met my current wife. After 5 years of marriage and fairly successful careers we decided to have it reversed. As things would go, the market collapsed in 2005 and we both lost our well paying jobs. We ended up losing everything we had worked so hard to gain. Our home, vehicles, and situations changed abruptly. We know now, looking back, we were not focused on pursuing God the way we should have. So he gave us an opportunity to reset the focus. We became centrally focused on keeping our faith sharpened, and wouldn’t you know He decided to show off his amazing redemptive love. 5 years after the reversal we still hadn’t had any luck with another child. My wife was beginning to think something wasn’t right. After follow up visits to the doctor’s office, we found we were just fine. Not too long afterwards we were blessed to know our daughter was on her way. Conception was successful and a baby was due in early February 2011. She decided she wanted to meet mom and dad early so she came 2 days before moms birthday. (Which was 2 ½ weeks before her due date)

I have seen over and over again within the stories I have had in my life the redemptive love scriptures exclaim. I can clearly see the details of his works within and through my life. There are so many places where God has led the way for me that I can’t say just one thing is more paramount or more moving than another. My wife, my family, my very life, are gifts that I didn’t deserve. But the Father I have yet to see face to face, grants me more than I ever could have tried to even begin to ask for." -David M.