Sundays: 9 & 11am LATEST MESSAGE

Summer Intership

Audio/Visual Production

Intern responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following tasks / projects:

  • Work alongside our Worship Technology Director to complete various improvement projects to our worship technology, including system optimization, storage organization efforts, and implementation of new equipment.
  • Assist the Audio/Visual Technology Director with weekly needs such as lighting plots, setup of stage equipment and microphones, and configuring the sound console.
  • Assist the NextGen Production Designer with weekly needs in all NextGen production environments, including system optimization, maintenance, and implementation of any new equipment.
  • Serve and support any and all weekend services in a variety of production roles. Schedule will alternate between Sunday morning and Sunday evening services and may include Nights of Worship, funerals, etc. as determined.
  • Accomplish other tasks and projects as assigned.

Weekly tasks:

  • Project days/maintenance (Mondays)
  • Podcast editing (Mondays)
  • Setting up stages, patching, testing lines (Wednesdays)
  • Loading new content, programming for kids areas (Wednesdays)
  • Attending Rehearsals (Wednesdays)
  • Lighting programming (Thursdays)
  • Students A/V setup (Thursdays)

Special Events:

  • Camp in the City
  • Worship nights during the summer
  • Summer United night
  • Any funerals or weddings


  • Prepping for EPIC (set building, programming, etc.)
  • Fixed assets list
  • Stage cleanout on both stages
  • Inventory and testing
  • Documentation of A/V systems


  • A/V committee every 2 weeks, lunch with the A/V committee when we don’t meet
  • Alternating schedule between downstairs and NextGen, to be determined in PCO
  • Arrive by 6am on Sundays