Sundays: 9 & 11am LATEST MESSAGE

Summer Intership


Intern responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following tasks/projects:

  • Assess the volunteer culture of the First Impression Team and give practical recommendations for enhancement. This will entail serving alongside each of our volunteer teams in some capacity throughout the internship.
  • Work alongside Josh Amos to care for the VIP Lounge food experience each Sunday morning.
  • Work alongside Event Coordinators to plan, prepare, and execute a way to honor dads on Father’s Day.
  • Work alongside the Event Coordinators and Katie Bullock to plan and execute the dinner celebration for Camp In The City volunteers.
  • Work alongside Event Coordinators to plan, prepare, and execute the all church Worship Night in downtown Greenville.
  • Attend and assess the Starting Point and Membership Class experiences.
  • Read two assigned and provided books, reviewing with Tonya and/or Josh upon completion. You will have questions to help guide you as you read along.
  • Complete necessary interviews for Interview Records.
  • Complete necessary Meeting Records.
  • Schedule a time to hang with the Amos family and Warner family for dinner.

What you can expect to learn and experience:

  • Relationship building and communication prowess with our church staff, volunteers, and church attendees.
  • Critical thinking skills in observing programs and people.
  • Ability to relationally network with others intentionally.
  • Manage a video project from inception to completion.
  • An understanding of event production and management.
  • A greater love for God, His Church, and those who faithfully serve in His Church at FG