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Summer Intership


The pastoral intern at Fellowship Greenville will get a multi-faceted experience. He will work alongside a few of our pastors to see what church leadership is like from their respective points of view.

  • Shadow and partner with the Care Pastor and Discipleship Pastor to learn what it is like to encourage, train, and serve others. The intern will get an up-close look at what organizational ministry look like here at Fellowship Greenville. This might include things like hospital visits, counseling sessions, and other contexts for shepherding and discipleship.
  • Work with the Equipping Pastor to learn research and study methods involved in sermon preparation. The intern’s time with the Equipping Pastor will include assessment of different classes we offer, their importance, and our execution of those classes. He will also have opportunities to teach in various settings.

These are just a few of the opportunities available for our pastoral intern. The overall experience will be one that seeks to apply sound theology to shepherding and teaching in a way that honors Jesus and encourages those under pastoral care.