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David Holland, husband to Pat of 51 years, passed away on Saturday, February 1st. There will be a service on Friday, February 7th, at Cannon Memorial (1150 N Main St, Fountain Inn, SC 29644). Visitation will begin at 1 pm with service at 2 pm. 

Karyl Brandon passed away on 1/30/2020 at 11:40am in her home surrounded by her husband (Carl), her sister (Sue Peterson), brother-in-law (Jim Peterson), daughters (Marjorie Estoye and Carrie Brandon), sons (Ray Brandon and Steven Bailey), and daughter-in-law (Beth Bailey). Services will be held on February 8, 2020 at Grace Baptist Church 109 N Main St, Cedarville, OH 45314.

Please pray for Ralph and Emily Mangum who were involved in a serious car accident on Friday night. Emily is recovering in the hospital from surgery and several broken bones.

Chan Wey Dik was recently diagnosed with cancer. Please lift her and her precious family up in prayer during this difficult time. 

Please persist in prayer for Dan Lampinen as he continues to battle significant health issues. 

"The plight of Christians continues to worsen in Nigeria, where in 2019 more than 1,000 Christians were killed by terrorists. According to a December 20, 2019, Wall Street Journal article, 'A slow-motion war is underway…a massacre of Christians, massive in scale and horrific in brutality. And the world has hardly noticed.'
On January 2, 2020, Pastor Lawan Andimi was kidnapped by Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group. He was beheaded on January 20, leaving behind his wife and eight children. Also, it has now been two years since Boko Haram kidnapped 17-year old Leah Sharibu. Leah has repeatedly refused to renounce her faith in Jesus.(via Frontline Missions)" Source: Frontline Missions.

Way to Pray:  Please pray for special grace for this courageous young woman to continue to stand for Christ, and pray for comfort for Pastor Andimi’s family and congregation.

Joel and Lauren Fletcher are one of three new missionary units we have begun supporting in 2020. Joel and Lauren married in 2014 knowing that God was calling them into His story overseas. Throughout their married lives, God has graciously been guiding them, highlighting items He wanted them to be involved in. Joel fell into an agricultural role at a small Christian college, discovered that he loves working outside with his hands, and then realized that he could use agricultural lessons to effectively teach discipleship. The Lord highlighted a love and gifting for languages and culture in Lauren, and she has been pursuing her masters degree in Applied Linguistics for use in translation work.

The Fletchers are headed to a field in Southeast Asia to work with an unreached Muslim group. There, through farming and linguistics, their goal will be to make disciples and share the abundant life that God gives. They are excited about the opportunities ahead that their unique skill sets will offer. 

Way to Pray: Please pray for the Fletchers as they prepare to leave for the field in the next few weeks. 


We are offering several different short term trips this year! These trips include opportunities to serve children in orphan care, evangelize, serve refugees, and more. You can check out all of our trips on the website! Trip applications will be closing soon. 

Also, if you are a nurse and are looking to serve internationally, our missionary Joy Anglea needs nurses for an upcoming medical mission trip to Cambodia. For more information, check out her recent newsletter.

  • Pray for new missionaries, Joel & Lauren Fletcher, as they prepare to leave for the mission field in February!
  • Please pray for Joy Anglea and her parents as they are adjusting to a new normal! Joy's mom will be entering into long-term care and her dad will be adjusting to living on his own. Pray for Joy, too, as she figures out how best to serve her parents. 
  • Pray that Dr. Mung's vision given to him in 1994 for ministry in Myanmar will materialize, and that he will stay physically strong in order to maintain the level of intensity that God has given him.
  • Jasmine Kitchen, the social enterprising arm of Jasmine Road, opens in February. Pray that it will become a light to our city and offer hope to vulnerable women who hear the story of its purpose. 

Thousands of upstate residents live in unsafe homes. Without necessary home repairs, neighbors right here in our community will be forced to seek housing elsewhere—housing they can’t afford—or face homelessness. Through home preservation, Rebuild Upstate tackles the affordable housing crisis by helping longtime Upstate SC residents remain in the homes they already own.

Rebuild Upstate has a lot to celebrate from 2019! This year...

  • 1,218 Volunteers served
  • Over 14,500 hours were volunteered
  • Volunteer hours valued $376,050
  • 163 homes were repaired, positively affecting 262 residents (12 of which were veterans and 22 of which were children)
  • Over 475 projects were completed

If you are interested in serving with Rebuild Upstate this month, check out their website for more information!


Lt. Matthew Clark
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