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Please lift up Dan Lampinen and his family in prayer. They are asking for peace and physical healing. Thank you. 

"Pastor Bryan Nerren from Tennessee has been making short-term missions trips to India for seventeen years to train local believers to be effective Sunday School teachers. Though aware that India’s Hindu government has increased its persecution of Christians, Pastor Nerren has been committed to risk-taking Gospel advance. On his most recent trip in October, Nerren was detained by the authorities on a technicality. In addition to confiscating his passport, the judge banned him from leaving the country. His next hearing is scheduled for December 12. (via Frontline Missions)" Source: Frontline Missions.

Way to Pray: Please pray for Pastor Nerren as well as for Indian believers who suffer for Christ in a country that is hostile to the Cross.     

John Mark and Sara Sheppard serve as missionaries in Liberia, West Africa with SIM. John Mark grew up a missionary kid in Africa and returned to Liberia to work after college. Although John Mark was born in Minnesota and Sara in Wisconsin, they met while serving in rural Liberia. They were married in June 2009 and have three children--Audrey, Noah, and James.

The Lord has given the Sheppards a special burden for the least-reached people groups of Liberia, especially the Manya. John Mark is working to translate and record the Bible in their language, along with teaching people to read and write in the mother tongue. Sara works with children, teens, and moms in their community, providing medical care, tutoring, daily meals, counseling, and discipleship. 

Way to Pray: Pray for the Bible translation as we work to complete the rest of the New Testament in the next two years. Pray that the Manya people who are hearing the word of God through dramatized audio programs would come to faith in Jesus. Pray for our children and also the Liberian children who have become like family, that they would grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word. 

  • Pray the Cliftons as they travel home to Hong Kong this week.
  • Please pray for Carolyn Rice and her team. They are working on a new translation of the Forgiven and Set Free curriculum to continue spreading the gospel via abortion recovery.
  • Pray for the Foths as they settle into their new home and ministry with Cru/Bridges in Australia.


United Ministries exists in the upstate to identify various contributing factors to homelessness, financial crisis, and poverty and then offer multiple services with one goal: to serve and empower those on the transformative journey to self-sufficiency. They do this through employment readiness programs, financial education, utility assistance, family housing, a day shelter, and much more!

If you (and your family or company) were looking for a place to give this season, United Ministries would love your donations. The infograph to the left shows a quick list of the items they need and their participants use on a daily basis, as well as items they do not use.

For a more in-depth list of our needs, refer to United Ministries website for a list of needs.


Lt. Matthew Clark
Caleb Ford
2nd Lieutenant Parker Lewis
SFC Josh McSpadden
Cpt. Laura Rodgers
Major Tiffany Scheivert
...and the many others who are in active military service.

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Annick Pays's father
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